“Healthcare is constantly changing. At Sterling Vision, we believe that, no matter how much changes, the needs of our patients should always come first.”

– Dr. Albert Edwards

The Sterling Vision story begins at the heart of the people we serve – our patients. Envisioning comprehensive eye care began with watching our patients walk through different stages of their eye care journey. From a yearly eye exam and need for new glasses or contacts, to addressing more serious issues, our desire is to provide a seamless transition in that process to significantly reduce the anxiety of the patient’s experience.

Sterling Vision is a group of top physicians and surgeons, all with the singular mission of giving you visual freedom and independence no matter your walk of life. Our commitment to serving your needs extends beyond just providing world-class eye care.

We minimize your wait time by preparing significantly in advance of your appointment and setting aside the time you actually need. We listen to you as a human being and tailor your care solutions to your individual situation. We integrate advancement and continuous education into every level of our culture and operations.

And we do all this within a connected organization where every patient is offered an integrated, individualized approach to eye care by leveraging the expertise of our board-certified optometrist, ophthalmologists and specialists.

Blending medical, surgical and consultative services with a spirit of compassion and service excellence, Sterling Vision offers state of the art technology and the most innovative procedures. The doctors and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality care in meeting the personal needs of each patient with genuine compassion and heart.

If you are ready to see what our evolution in eye care looks like, we invite you to make an appointment today.